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Above all being an ambassador means feeling passionately connected with the land, wines and peoples of Saint-Émilion



Saint-Émilion wines are held in high esteem throughout the world. They owe their fame to their exceptional qualities, but also to the ambassadors who devote their energies to promoting the soul and magic of the name of Saint-Émilion.
Among these ambassadors, pride of place must go to the Jurade which organizes induction ceremonies and strives to promote the quality and authentic character of wine produced in the vineyards of Saint-Émilion. Every year famous personalities and celebrities are inducted and pledge themselves under oath to become ambassadors of Saint-Émilion wines.

The Jurade de Saint-Émilion also has ten permanent representative organisations throughout the world. These are the Chancelleries which are responsible for promoting the Saint-Émilion name in their regions.



The vineyards of Saint-Émilion have a tradition which stretches far back into the past, but they are also ready to break new ground to defend their reputation for excellence.

The Jurade has roots going back to the12th century but is by no means a hidebound institution. With Chancelleries established all over the world, the Jurade, and with it the wines of Saint-Émilion, embrace new horizons.

The Jurats, the members of the Jurade, are guardians of tradition and contribute a wealth of varied experience to a family of over 3,000 members.

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The Jurade, which was founded in 1199, is known the world over (and extends its worldwide reach by regularly opening new Chancelleries). There are now ten Chancelleries tasked with organizing a wide variety of events and other occasions to promote better knowledge of Saint-Émilion wines and enhance their reputation abroad.

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Many celebrities—whether they have been inducted into the Jurade or not—have succumbed to the charm of Saint-Émilion’s wines and become indispensable ambassadors. These wine lovers from all walks of life (sport, fine food, cinema, the arts, politics, …) are often enthusiastically involved in the many events organized by the wines of Saint-Émilion.


Exceptional wines go hand in hand with great cuisine. So it is only natural that a number of the world’s greatest chefs feature among the aficionados of Saint-Émilion wines, like Alain Passard, Philippe Etchebest, Tommy Shan, Michel Portos and Nicolas Magie.


Saint-Émilion wines are also very much appreciated by celebrities from the worlds of the arts, politics, sport and music, such as Nile Rodgers, actress Michèle Laroque and politician François Baroin, the cinema star Julie Gayet and the rugby professional Jean-Baptiste Elissalde.


Among the most loyal enthusiasts of Saint-Émilion wines are a number of sommeliers. Given the great diversity of Saint-Émilion wines and the magnificent combinations of these wines with fine food this is hardly surprising.

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