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The unesco listing

The world heritage association of the Saint‑Émilion Jurisdiction

The world heritage association of the Saint-Emilion Jurisdiction

Preserving the legacy and sustaining the future

For UNESCO, the Saint-Émilion Jurisdiction is a remarkable example of a viticultural and historical landscape that has remained intact and active to the present day.

The World Heritage Association of the Saint-Émilion Jurisdiction strives to preserve its local heritage, made up of the remarkable natural legacy as well as its historical and architectural treasures.

It also manages the UNESCO brand for the eight towns in the Jurisdiction in cooperation with neighbouring towns. It develops teaching and promotional activities (aimed at the local population, schools and tourists) in partnership with organisations already in place. Furthermore, it carries out public relations work on behalf of the certified area targeted at outside visitors (press, guests, celebrities, etc.).

17 exceptional monuments, 2000 inhabitants

The town of Saint-Émilion alone with its many magnificent views and outstanding landscape boasts 17 exceptional monuments for a population of only 2,000 inhabitants!
The Jurisdiction as a whole is well protected, allowing visitors to enjoy a walk outside the town, to stroll through rows of vines, up and down slopes or along the River Dordogne’s flood plain.
The underground quarries, cobbled streets, many religious monuments, Romanesque churches, mills and dovecotes all contribute to the unquestionable charm of this area.

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