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Recognition paying a tribute to how Man has worked hand in hand with nature.

Unesco heritage


1999. UNIVERSAL RECOGNITION FOR SAINT-ÉMILION AND A MAJOR WORLD FIRST FOR A WINEGROWING REGION It was 20 years ago that the eight villages belonging to the Jurisdiction of Saint-Émilion were listed as a world heritage site, on the grounds of their “cultural landscape”. Through this listing, UNESCO granted recognition to the exceptional character and the universal importance of Saint-Émilion’s vineyards. This was an accolade for this area steeped in centuries of history. And it brought tremendous recognition for the men and women whose enthusiasm has helped to preserve this thousand-year-old winegrowing region, its landscapes and soils over the centuries.

The winegrowing region's history

Historical and legendary

The history of this winegrowing region and its wines stretches over 2,000 years. 20 centuries that have left their mark and 20 centuries of effort crowned by the listing of its vineyards as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Jurisdiction of Saint-Émilion

From our Past, We create our Future

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Tourism among the vineyards

A stay in the vineyards of Saint-Émilion has to be planned properly! There are things you simply can’t miss. Find out about the most emblematic sites and obtain useful information to help you prepare your visit.

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1999-2019 Unesco Heritage

20 years of inscription on the World Heritage List is something to celebrate! Discover the program: 3 days of joyful, festive and popular celebrations on June 28, 29, 30, 2019 to celebrate this unique terroir.

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Unesco heritage

The history of Saint-Émilion winegrowing

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Unesco heritage

Tourism in the vineyards

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