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The Jurade

Red robes turning to the future

The Jurade


The Jurade, which bears witness to the traditions of the past and guarantees the values of respect for heritage, good cheer and community spirit, has been able to adapt to changing times.

Founded 800 years ago and revived in 1948, the Jurade preserves the memory of Saint-Émilion wines and promotes them all over the world. As a link between past and future, this prestigious brotherhood organizes receptions and induction ceremonies at which the 140 Jurats (members of the Jurade) perpetuate the values of sharing, openness to the new, transmission of legacy and tradition.

To nurture the bonds of friendship with Saint-Émilion wine enthusiasts and trade professionals, Chancelleries have been founded in a number of countries. Embracing an ever-broader global perspective, the Jurade reaches out to all lovers of the wine, way of life and culture of Saint-Émilion and embodies its very soul.



  • More than 800 years of history
  • 140 Jurats (members of the Jurade), the guardians of tradition
  • More than 3,000 personalities inducted (since 1948)
  • 11 chancelleries
  • 1 motto “Always loyal to Saint-Émilion”


The history of the Jurade dates back to 8 July 1199, when King John Lackland placed his seal on the Charter of Falaise confirming the rights and freedoms of the burghers of Saint-Émilion and giving the Jurade an essential role. It was to supervise the production and making of fine wines and held the “vintners’ brand” which was burnt onto each barrel, it issued the harvest proclamation, took firm action to prevent abuse and fraud and destroyed any wine deemed to be unworthy. It was dissolved during the Revolution and then revived in 1948 on the initiative of enthusiastic winegrowers who were keen to perpetuate the traditions and values of Saint-Émilion wines.


The Jurade, a brotherhood of 140 Jurats (members) who wear red caps and robes decorated with white ermine, organizes induction ceremonies throughout the world.
It is a community of more than 3,000 members, who act as ambassadors of the wines of Saint-Émilion. Several Chancelleries have been founded abroad: in England (Oxford and York), Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia), Malta, China (Hong Kong and Beijing), Côte d’Ivoire (Abidjan), Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. There are people everywhere who love the wines of Saint-Émilion!

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of the Jurade

Chancelleries are like embassies of Saint-Émilion wines throughout the world. Each Chancellor is inducted by the Jurade and has full membership as a Jurat. The creation of a Chancellerie is always welcomed as a historic moment for the wines of Saint-Émilion and the bonds of friendship which they have with the host country.

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The events and ceremonies of the Jurade are timeless moments. On these occasions the Jurats parade through the city, wearing their traditional red robes, recalling the all-powerful Jurade of yesteryear. After attending Mass, the Jurats walk to the cloister of the Collegiate Church, the moat of the Cardinal Palace or the Monolithic Church to perform the induction ceremony. Then, after lunch, they solemnly announce the “Judgement of the New Wine” on the third Sunday in June, or proclaim the harvest on the third Sunday in September.

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Royalty, clergymen, political personalities, celebrities, women and men from the world of art, cinema, television, theatre, sport and business, wine professionals and connoisseurs: the men and women distinguished by the Jurade come from all backgrounds.

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