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On 11th May, you are invited to the I.Boat in Bordeaux. From 7 pm, the winemakers’ Citroën HY will be waiting for you for an inaugural evening, before cruising through the roads of France and Belgium till October. On the agenda on the 11th May: the diversity of the Saint-Emilion wines, the advice of a sommelier and a jazz concer


A gleaming vintage truck, a terrace in front of the I.Boat and a sommelier ready to advise you: it will be a very strong start on the launch night of the 2017 Saint-Emilion Wine Trip. At the steering wheel of the truck, you will find Frédéric Breysse. In 2016, the sommelier offered advice on the Saint-Emilion wines to thousands of people. This year, he is happy to renew this contact with the general public. The opportunity for him to repeat that these wines are really affordable.

“The Saint-Emilion wines are accessible. We have wines at all prices and for everyone. The wines profiles are varied. You can have very subtle and very elegant wines and others very powerful”.

At each stage, 16 wines from the Saint-Emilion appellations are offered by the glass, with prices ranging from 3 to 5 €. This will of course be the case on 11th May, when you can choose between a Saint-Emilion, a Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, a Lussac Saint-Emilion and a Puisseguin Saint-Emilion.


For the launch of the 2017 edition of the Saint-Emilion Wine Trip, a jazz duo will set the tone. Jaza2 will spread their good mood with a guitar and a saxophone on the terrace of the boat club. The two musicians will play jazz classics and make their sensitivity speak through songs tinged with swing, bossa-nova or be-bop.

Meanwhile, the Saint-Emilion wine truck will create a guinguette atmosphere. Parked on the I.Boat terrace and opened in a food truck way, it will welcome the general public in search of a moment of conviviality or precise information on tasting. That’s why the Saint-Emilion wines come to meet you!

“We are here to answer questions from people. They are at home so they may talk more easily. As sommeliers and with winemakers, we are here to provide them with precise information”. Frédéric Breysse, sommelier

In 2017, the Saint-Emilion Wine Trip begins its course on 11th May 11 in Bordeaux (I.Boat) and ends mid-October at the Montmartre Harvest Festival. Want to know the stages? Discover the entire route!

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