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Vino Voce 2017

From 8th to 10th September 2017, Saint-Emilion welcomes the 4th edition of the Vino Voce Festival. During concerts and meetings, all facets of the voice will be addressed. Chanteurs d’oiseaux, vocal coach for politicians, cloning of the voice or masterclass of lyric singing: be prepared to be surprised!


The Vino Voce Festival was born out of a desire. Nadine Vasseur, an artistic director, had an idea that led her to create a festival where all the voice possibilities are expressed. Producer and host at Radio France, Nadine Vasseur wanted to explore the subject that has fascinated her for so many years.

“I wanted to organize a festival in which there are not just singing voices. That already exists. They are generally specialized in operatic or baroque art. I wanted to mix all the styles, to show what is most amazing in the voices sung but also to bring professionals who work with the voice”.

Vino Voce proposes to explore “the infinite possibilities of the voice and the inventiveness of human beings“. This year, you can listen to Les Chanteurs d’Oiseaux, who reproduce what may have inspired the human singing. You will also be able to meet Jean-Philippe Lafont, famous baritone who was the vocal coach of Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign. For cinema enthusiasts, researcher Nicolas Obin will come to talk about the latest technologies to make synthetic voices. His laboratory (Ircam) notably recreated the voices of Marilyn Monroe or Marshal Petain for a documentary. Other highlights include Broadway et Cie., a tribute to the American musical, and a concert by Marie Adeline Henry, a soprano from the Libourne area.


The Festival Vino Voce is held in Saint-Emilion due to a friendly meeting. The one between Nadine Vasseur and François des Ligneris, a winemaker at the time. For the artistic director of Vino Voce, the wine and the voice have more than one resemblance.

“Both have to do with sensuality, very strongly. Besides, wine and voice have words in common. We speak of the range of a voice as we speak of that of a wine. It is also said that a voice is deep, as one might say of a wine. The voice and the wine are also brought together in conviviality and exchange “.

The Saint-Emilion wines and the voices will have the opportunity to meet during the 2017 Vino Voce.

ome of the events will take place at the Chateau Soutard, including Irene Kudela’s masterclass and the screening of the Kathleen Ferrier’s documentary on the contralto.


Note that at pre-opening of the 2017 Festival Vino Voce, a screening will take place on 5th September in Bordeaux. Conversation secrète(1974), directed by Francis Ford Coppola, will be presented at 8 pm by the festival team.

To consult the entire program of 2017 Vino Voce  and to access the online ticketing.



2017 Vino Voce, 4th edition
8th -10th September
Saint Emilion

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