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Bernard Burtschy


Wine taster, expert, wine and spirits journalist. Member of the big European Press Prize of Bordeaux and Bordeaux supérieurs 2011 Jury. Bernard Burtschy writes many articles every month for the Avis du Vin, a weekly chronic from Le Figaro and is also frequently in the Figaro Magazine. He is also the wine taster for all wines presented in L’Avis du Vin.
Bernard Burtschy works with many different press magazines in France (Amateur de Bordeaux, Amateur de Cigare) but also worldwide (Wands in Japan, Feinschmecker in Germany). He is also a permanent member of the big European Press Prize, 1st vice-president of the Association de la Presse du Vin, and has written and contributed to many wine books and guides. Apart from the wine world, Bernard Burtschy is PhD in Mathematics-Statistics and statistics teacher at the École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications in Paris.

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Bernard Burtshcy

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