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Nicolas Magie


Nicolas Magie is driven by a deep, life-long passion. Hailing from Cenon in Gironde, to a family with a long history in the restaurant trade, Nicolas inherited a profound love for Aquitaine and her gastronomic riches.


This charming, original Michelin-starred chef is passionate about culinary innovation and the possibilities offered by Bordeaux’s legendary wines. The wines of Saint-Emilion are a perfect match: “I like wines which are fairly old, and matured in barrels where the wood isn’t overpowering. Two-thirds/one-third new wood is enough for me.” Beyond the technical details of the vinification process, what really excites Nicolas is the limitless potential for food-wine pairings. “Truffles are my favourite ingredient! I think that’s what draws me to Merlot, that wonderful hint of truffle in the nose. Truffles with Saint-Emilion, that’s a match made in heaven.”

Nicolas Magie’s imagination is fired by memories of some exceptional experiences. “Of course I’ve got a lot of great memories, but the most prestigious must be the time I tasted a Canon La Gaffeliére 1901 at the Château. I’m a lover of classic vintages, and I could have sworn that it was fifty years younger. Just wonderful…

I also remember tasting a great Château Meylet, a Château de Ferrand 1990 and a bottle of Tertre Roteboeuf 1985 which seemed to have more truffle aromas than the truffles we were eating with it. As I think you’ve understood by now, my natural instinct is to partner Saint-Emilion wines with truffles. And remember that while these magical little fungi may be a luxury product, you don’t need much to appreciate them – a few grams will do.”

Nicolas also confesses a soft spot for a good Saint-Emilion served with lamprey, young duck or rich game birds (mallard, pheasant etc.). This Michelin-starred local boy is proud of his region, and of these terroirs where sumptuous flavours reflect an ancestral faith in the value of a job well done. And he is not immune to the charms of Saint-Emilion’s different seasons: “September and March, Autumn and Spring, for me those are the ideal months for creating exceptional dishes which complement the wines of Saint-Emilion. And when it comes to wine I agree with Winston Churchill: ‘My tastes are simple. I am easily satisfied with the best.’”


Nicolas Magie – Restaurant La Cape à Cenon (Gironde – France)

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