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North Yorshire

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Values that the North of England and the Saint-Émilion winegrowing area have in common

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The British chancelleries strive to spread their knowledge of Saint-Émilion wine. They enjoy the privilege of sharing the warm friendship of Saint-Émilion and its marvellous wines and are proud of the deep roots of the Jurade in English history.
Tim Hartley

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Founded in 1983, when the British Chancellery (created in 1970) was divided into two.


York and the north of the United Kingdom


Tholthorpe Hall Farl - Tholthorpe Y061 1SN YORK




Tim Hartley

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Tim Hartley

Tim Hartley acquired his taste for wine from his father, who was himself a Vigneron d’Honneur of the Jurade. In 1990, Tim Hartley met the then Chancellor in England, who invited him to come to Saint-Émilion for the Harvest Proclamation. He fell deeply in love with the Jurisdiction, not only for its wines and the beauty of its landscapes, but also because of the welcome he was given by the winegrowers. He was inducted as a Vigneron d’Honneur in 1993 and Chancellor in 2005, and is proud and happy to be an Ambassador for Saint-Émilion.



The British Chancelleries are always pleased to present the wines of Saint-Émilion to wine clubs and groups of wine enthusiasts, and are glad to be able to raise funds for charities. They are also happy to welcome anyone who wants to join the British Association of the Jurade (no fees). Members of the Association take part in group visits to Saint-Émilion in June, July and September and enjoy lunches and dinners organized around the wines of the Jurisdiction. Tim can also help and advise wine-lovers who want to visit Saint-Émilion on their own.

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from the chancellery

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Dinner at the Mansion House

Profits to the Right Honourable Lord Mayor’s Charities

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23 March 2018

Dinner in the Archers' Hall

With the Commanderie of Bordeaux, in Edinburgh.

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