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Classic Oxford hand in hand with the modern side of Saint-Émilion

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As Ambassador for the Jurade in London and the south of Great Britain, I feel very privileged to play my role in promoting the great wines of Saint-Émilion and organizing meetings between British people and the winegrowers, to share the life of the Jurisdiction.
Gérald Sacks

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Founded in 1983, when the British Chancellery (created in 1970) was divided into two


London and the south of the United Kingdom





Gerald Sacks

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Gerald Sacks

Gerald Sacks, who was a GP until he retired in 2016, has a long-standing enthusiasm for wine and helped organize wine-tasting events in Oxford for various wine-producing groups until he visited Saint-Émilion for the first time in 2005. He was inducted as a Vigneron d’Honneur in 2008 and Chancellor in 2013, and every year he organizes group visits to Saint-Émilion in June for the Spring Festival and in July for the Saint-Émilion Jazz Festival. He hosts Saint-Émilion wine-tasting events for groups of wine-lovers and wine clubs in London and in the south of the UK and organizes lunches and dinners during which the wines of the Jurisdiction are presented.
Gerald Sacks devotes a lot of energy to sharing his taste for the wines of Saint-Émilion in England.

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Gerald Sacks regularly organizes wine-tasting events in the south of England to present the wines of Saint-Émilion to wine clubs and other interested groups and also to raise funds for charities. He will soon be bringing a group to visit the UNESCO-listed village.

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22 March 2019


A Jurade lunch at the Farmers’ Club in London.

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