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This musician, singer-songwirter-composer, was an exceptional man in a unique universe!

The tribute band Zappy Birthday Mister Frank (ZBMF) pours out a real cry of love on stage. A crazy love expressed with a watchmaker precision, that the group will perform to you on Sunday, 23rd July 2017 at 11 pm closing the 2017 Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival.


What better than perfect chords with a little bit of madness to close the 2017 Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival? For this, go to the Parc Guadet on Sunday evening. Each member of Zappy Birthday Mister Frank, is impatient. “We are eager to discover the site, the audience, the other artists and the festival team”, says the drummer and co-founder of the band, Vincent Milleret.

“We do not know the festival, but it makes us want to! For us the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival is prestigious. We are really looking forward to this date!”

Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival means Saint-Emilion wines. After their performance, the ZBMF musicians are also expecting to enjoy a glass of wine. And why not take winemakers’ contact details? Coming to Saint-Emilion is a godsend for Vincent Milleret, a true fan of Merlot.

I grew up in a family where there was always Saint-Emilion wines at the table. My dad still has some good bottles in the cellar and I still sometimes drink some on occasions“.


24 years after his death, Frank Zappa remains an artist respected like few others. For Vincent Milleret, to build Zappy Birthday Mister Frank was obvious when Manu Eveno (from the group Tryo) proposed the project.

My passion for Frank Zappa is a very old story. With Manu, we’ve been listening to his music for over 25 years. It is atypical, avant-garde and very musically open, which touches us deep within ourselves“.

It is not a question of copying the great man, but of actually paying homage to him. Like Frank Zappa, the tribute band are real interpreters.

For some written things we try to be close to the original, but at the same time we bring a personal touch when interpreting it. And there’s plenty of room for improvisation“.

The theatrical dimension and humor were an essential part of the concerts-happening of Zappa. The artist said that “absurdity is part of life“. For these two aspects, the tribute band don’t hold back, quite the contrary.

“On stage, you have to be a little crazy while making serious music. The humorous dimension being an integral part of Zappa’s music, we have to recreate it. Sometimes there are surprising and amazing things. Zappa talked about the “audience participation”, that is to say to involve the audience and we reserve a few surprises to the one at the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival”.

So, have fun during this 2:15 hour show, that’s the motto!

And to consult all whole program of the 2017 Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival.


Zappy Birthday Mister Frank
Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival 2017
Sunday, 23rd July 2017 at 11:00 pm
Parc Guadet free stage


Members of ZBMF :

Vincent Milleret : Batterie

Manu Eveno : Guitare, voix

Mohamed Nechnech : Chant

Rémi Viala : Basse

Arnaud Gravet : Claviers, voix

Drayen Labie : Guitare

Stéphane Badiaud : Percussions

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