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The Headbangers at Saint-Émilion

The Toulouse band The Headbangers – Nicolas Gardel 6tet is, for the first time, playing in front of the audience of the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival. The opportunity for the six instrumentalists to move the heads of the festival-goers. Sunday at 6:30 pm on the free stage of Parc Guadet. Its leader, the trumpeter Nicolas Gardel, prepares for you a very rhythmic meeting between jazz and wine!


Get ready to swing to the rhythm of modern electro pop jazz!

The Headbangers band – Nicolas Gardel 6tet will introduce you to his music at the borders of jazz, funk and electro. A premiere on the stage of the 2017 Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival expected by Nicolas Gardel, the leader and trumpeter of the sextet.

“I’ve already heard a lot about the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival. The trumpeter Stéphane Belmondo has already been there, I would have liked to come and watch him. I find the setting very convivial. It’s what is important in a festival: that there is a soul and a life”.

The title “Bacchus”, which made them known to the general public, “will lend itself perfectly to this place”! This piece is a true ode to wine. “We are very pleased to present it at the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival. It’s kind of a nod”, smiles Nicolas Gardel.

The trumpeter is commited to wine, for it is a universe he knows well. As a grandson of wine-growers, he appreciates the values of winegrowers.

“My relationship with wine is a festive, even exceptional one. I like to drink a good vintage with a nice table and friends. For me, wine has always been synonymous with sharing and celebration. It loosens tongues, brings people together and creates social ties”.

And the magic still works with the Saint-Emilion wines, which “sell him a lot of dreams”.

“I would have liked to have been born in a family that has as long a tradition of viticulture as can be found in the wine chateaux of Saint-Emilion”.


For those who do not yet know The Headbangers, you will discover music worked to the millimeter, with a large part left to improvisation, “so that everyone can express what they feel”.

On stage, you’ll hear the tracks from their debut album The Dark Side of a Love Affair (January 2017). An album which speaks of love: that of music, the other, the audience. “It’s an ever-present subject in our lives, I find it important to keep talking about it”, says Gardel. And the best way to talk about love is to look for influences in all the music types.

“I listen to a lot of music that is called current. My goal was to bring together jazz and this world of more popular music. The name of the band refers to that, beats and grooves that are very pronounced. There are even tracks inspired by reggae, dub. I try to put all these rhythms in a jazzier harmony”.

Acidulated, powerful, energetic, the band The Headbangers has indeed found its name: “those who shake their heads”! The trumpeter Nicolas Gardel will be accompanied on stage by Ferdinand Doumerc on saxophone and flute, Dorian Dutech on guitar, Alexandre Cantié on keyboard, Fabien Tournier on drums and Pascal Celma on bass. Nicolas Gardel Sextet will also exclusively present the pieces of the future album (end of year 2017).


Do not hesitate to come and discover them on the free stage of the 2017 Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival !


And to consult the entire program of the 2017 Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival, it’s here.



The Headbangers – Nicolas Gardel 6tet
2017 Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival
Sunday, 23rd July 2017 at 6:30 pm
Parc Guadet free show

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