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The vignerons de Puisseguin Lussac Saint-Émilion

The vignerons de Puisseguin Lussac Saint-Émilion is a cooperative structure

The Subscribers and members of the Cooperative have been working for many years on themes related to sustainable development. Their goal is simple: to sustain their operations and improve their income while taking care of their land.

Convinced that their future depends on all facets of their profession, they continually work to combine the economic aspect, environmental, and social, to achieve a high level of excellence.
Indeed, all of the everyday decisions regarding the management of the Cooperative systematically include the impact that these could have on the environment and people.

This deep commitment of respect for the environment shared in the Cooperative originates from its subscribers. Passionate co-operators, in love with their land, pool their financial and technical capacity but above all share their strong values of respect and discipline.
The Vignerons de Puisseguin Lussac Saint-Emilion are the epitome of responsible body at all levels: Economic, Environmental and Social

Visit the website and read the Social Responsibility Report.

The Vignerons de Lussac Saint Emilion Puisseguin, represent:

  • 1 150 ha of vines in 30 communes of Saint-Emilion
  • 203 Members
  • 3 wine production sites
  • 65 000 hl of wine per harvest
  • 6 million bottles sold
  • 60% of distribution in France and 40% for export
  • 38 employees
  • 310 families of Saint-Emilion dependent on our activity

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