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#WinegrowerPortrait : Antoine and Alexandre ARTIGUE

Discover the women and men who work in the Saint-Emilion, Lussac Saint-Emilion and Puisseguin Saint-Emilion vineyards!

On January 30th, 2023, at the end of the Coupe des Crus de Saint-Emilion, 24 wines were designated “Coups de Cœur 2023” by a jury of professionals!

Château des Laudes, a Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, was one of these winners. Antoine ARTIGUE is in charge of all production and Alexandre ARTIGUE is responsible for selling the wines. Discover these winemakers and their wine!

What is your role on the property ?


Antoine Artigue manages production and Alexandre Artigue is in charge of marketing and sales.

Both also devote a lot of their time to wine tourism, working in partnership with the Saint Emilion Tourist Office and various tour operators.

As far as production is concerned, Antoine particularly enjoys harvest time and the winemaking process, “I love these times,” he says. “It’s hard and demanding. You have to know how to harvest at optimum ripeness, and then it’s time for the vinification. Manual punching of the cap in our wooden tuns, the stress of monitoring fermentation… The days are long and the nights are sleepless. It’s during these times that I realise just how passionate I am about my job.”

Being a winegrower also means working with all the players in the industry: the wine advisor from the Chamber of Agriculture, the oenologist advisor, not forgetting meetings with the various suppliers. Here, too, the passion for the job comes in all shapes and sizes.

Chai et vignes du château des Laudes

Tell us more about the estate !


Château des Laudes is a 4.5 hectare family estate in the Saint Emilion Grand Cru appellation in the commune of Saint Christophe des Bardes.

After five generations on the hillsides at the gateway to Entre-Deux-Mers, the Bernard Artigue vineyards have established themselves on the magnificent clay-limestone terroir of the Saint-Emilion plateau at Château Des Laudes in Saint Christophe des Bardes.

Bouteille de Vin du Chateau des Laudes

Can you tell us about the awarded vintage?


Château des Laudes wine is produced in the heart of the Saint Emilion vineyards, on a clay-limestone plateau. Produced using organic methods, it is the object of the utmost attention. Château des Laudes is an exceptional product thanks to its magnificent terroir and the expertise, passion and heart of its people. Regular monitoring and plot-by-plot tasting help to determine the ideal harvest date for each of the Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grape varieties. The harvest is then carefully sorted and vinified according to the vintage.

The aim is to produce a wine that is elegant, full-bodied, balanced and powerful.

Ageing in carefully selected barrels adds a touch of complexity without compromising the soul of the wine.

Château des Laudes has a deep, dark red colour. Aged for 18 to 24 months in French oak barrels, it reveals a sustained nose of spices and coffee, opening onto black fruit and morello cherry aromas.

The smooth, intense attack reveals a fine structure. This is supported by fine acidity, giving the wine remarkable length.

Château des Laudes has great ageing potential.


Can you suggest a food and wine pairing with the awarded vintage?

Château des Laudes goes perfectly with red meats, cheeses… The list goes on!


"The organisation of this cup is a wonderful tool for promoting the excellence of the Saint Emilion vineyards.
The Coupe des Crus de Saint Emilion demonstrates the expertise of the winegrowers in our beautiful appellation.
We're obviously very proud to be one of the winners."

Observation du vin du Chateau des Laudes

Did you know …?


Château des Laudes, a 17th century farmhouse, boasts a wealth of fine old architectural features. The former sheepfold, now used as a reception room, and the barrel cellar never cease to delight visitors. Their exclamation of admiration as soon as they enter the premises is proof of this. At Château des Laudes, the old-fashioned stonework, old oak beams, arches and hangers, wooden casks and so on…. are just some of the features that charm visitors. Among the unusual and unique features, in the reception room a forked oak tree serves as the main beam. Several stone sinks also bear witness to a distant past.

Finally, the word “Laudes”, of Latin origin, describes the prayers at sunrise in the liturgy. The name of our property is part of the great history of the jurisdiction…

A final word


Château des Laudes inhabits our days and nights. This recognition is a source of great pride for us. It encourages us to continue to put all our heart into making a Grand Cru.

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