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Saint-Emilion Wine Trip

Harvest celebration in Montmartre

On 13, 14 and 15 October 2023, the famous Saint-Emilion wines’ red van returned to Montmartre to celebrate the 90th Fête des Vendanges – Harvest Celebration with Parisians at the foot of the Sacré Cœur. Let’s take a look back at this event in pictures!

saint emilion wine trip aux vendanges de montmartre

Harvest celebration in Montmartre

Every October since 1934, Paris has been gathering at Montmartre to celebrate the grape harvest.

The vines of Paris may be less well known than those of Saint-Emilion, but the fact remains that the harvest is also celebrated in the capital.

In 1932, a vineyard of 2,000 vines was planted in Montmartre, as a reminder of the hilltop’s wine-growing past. Today, even if the yield from these vines is lower, Parisians are keen to celebrate the harvest in Montmartre with winegrowers from other French wine-growing regions.

Saint-Emilion Wine Trip in Paris

Every year, Saint-Emilion wines take part in this friendly, popular festival in the form of a special Saint-Emilion Wine Trip!

To mark the occasion, tourists and locals can taste the winning wines of the Coupe des Crus de Saint-Emilion, chosen by a panel of wine-lovers at the beginning of the year.

And it’s our winemakers themselves who are on hand to taste the fruits of their labour!

les vignerons de saint emilion sur le wine truck

19 wines to taste
868 bottles opened
+ 6000 glasses served

Saint-Emilion Wine Trip

image chateaux

Join us at the Montgolfiades de Saint-Emilion

Join the Wine Truck from 20th to 22nd October 2023 for a special Montgolfiades de Saint-Emilion Wine Trip!

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