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A new chancellor for the Oxford Chancellery

Elizabeth Padley

The Jurade de Saint-Emilion has 10 chancelleries around the world who act as ambassadors for Saint-Emilion wines in their own countries.

On June 18th 2023, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, Elizabeth Padley was named Chancellor of the Chancellery of Oxford (United Kingdom).

elizabeth padley intronisée jurade saint-emilion

Elizabeth Padley, a lawyer with a passion for the law and Saint-Émilion wines

Specialising in international employment law, Elizabeth Padley is an English lawyer renowned for her expertise not only in Paris, but also in Africa, Asia, Australia and, more generally, Europe and the Middle East.

An accomplished linguist with a perfect command of French, she has a passion for wine and has obtained diplomas from the WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) and the Wine Scholars Guild.

A lover of French wines, Elizabeth Padley regularly takes part in tastings and is a member of renowned wine clubs. Her passion has led her to build up a private cellar, composed exclusively of Saint-Émilion wines, which she buys directly from the châteaux and négociants during the primeur offers.

Beyond her favourite areas, Elizabeth Padley cultivates other passions. She plays tennis and piano, enjoys musical theatre and opera, and has a cookery diploma. She finds the right balance between her intense professional life and her moments of relaxation and artistic inspiration.

elizabeth padley, chancelière à oxford de la jurade de saint-emilion

Elizabeth Padley and the Jurade of Saint-Emilion

Inducted as Lady of the Jurade (Dame de la Jurade) in 2018, Elizabeth Padley has since become a regular at Saint-Emilion events. This prestigious distinction from the Jurade has strengthened her commitment to the region and to Saint-Emilion wines. She has travelled back and forth from England many times to attend events, including the Spring Festival (Fête de Printemps), a key annual Jurade of Saint-Emilion event celebrating the moment when vine flowers turn into promising bunches of grapes.

On June 18th 2023, Gerald Sacks, who has led Oxford’s Chancellery for more than 10 years, handed over the reins to Elizabeth Padley.

The two of them, along with other members of the Chancellery, came specially from England to take part in the Spring Festival and celebrate the induction of Elizabeth as the new Chancellor. From now on, she will be responsible for representing the Chancellery and promoting Saint-Émilion wines in England, by taking part in events both in her country and in Saint-Émilion.

24 other inductees followed on the 2023 Spring Festival, including :

  • Valentin PORTE, a professional handball player who won the Handball World Cup in 2015 and 2017 and the title of Olympic Champion in 2021 with the French national team.
  • David DEGOUY, assistant coach at Montpellier Handball Club (MHB) since 2018.
  • Lijuan LI, Head of the Asian market at Vineyards Bordeaux, who also won The Voice of China in 2013.
  • Rodolphe LAMEYSE, CEO of Vinexpo since 2019.
  • Pascal FAUGERE, CEO of the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
24 intronisations durant la fête de printemps de la jurade de saint-emilion en 2023

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