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20th anniversary

Three major projects


Major projects

  In 1999, the Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion was the first vineyard to be listed as a World Heritage Site. 2019 will therefore be a year of celebrations where we celebrate the 20th anniversary of this registration through various projects throughout the year and 3 days of joyful, festive and popular celebration on last 28 – 29 – 30 June 2019!   

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20 years and the children

An educational programme is being implemented throughout the 2018-2019 school year…

As transmission is at the heart of the recognition of this “living landscape”, raising awareness of this issue among the younger generations is essential. An educational programme is being implemented throughout the 2018-2019 school year to raise awareness among 10 classes on the subjects of the environment and the importance of biodiversity in the landscape. IN PARTNERSHIP WITH

THE KEY ELEMENTS OF THE PROJECT   VIMES BUTTERS – The vime is a symbol of the region’s traditions mixed with the incredible possibilities offered by nature. The students therefore have to recover their vime cutting and be in charge of it throughout the year, until the project is handed over to the next grade 2 class the following year.   WORKSHOPS – Five workshops will also be conducted by specialized speakers in partnership with the Biotope Festival and Le Barde du Label associations: an on-site trip to recover cuttings, an intervention on biodiversity, a workshop on the traditions of the vime and two workshops on cultural landscapes and the world’s terroirs.

EXCHANGE DAY – On last June 27, 2019, the 10 classes visited wineries before a symbolic gathering for the planet. High point: one class planted a tree on a field during the inauguration of the 3 days with the officials and sponsors of the event.  JURISDICTION OF SAINT-EMILION: PASSEPORT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT To maintain their knowledge in a fun way during the summer, students received a holiday notebook. Co-constructed with all the associations participating in the 20th anniversary (Biotope Festival, Barde du Label, Philosophia…), it will include games, illustrations, questions, riddles, mixed words, photos, drawings, gestures for the planet and other activities for a natural and eco-responsible summer!

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20 years, 20 sites : the initiatory journey

The 20th anniversary could not be celebrated without the enhancement of the heritage and cultural landscapes of the Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion.  

  As part of these festivities, the “20 years, 20 sites” project will honour exceptional elements of the territory, in Saint-Emilion and in all the registered municipalities, to give visitors an understanding of the landscape or heritage.

THE KEY ELEMENTS OF THE PROJECT THE TRAIL – Landscapes, monuments or other, the points of interest form a coherent and complementary route in order to offer a real experience of the Jurisdiction to the visitor, as each chapter of a book tells part of the story. CROSSED VIEWS – Complementary visions of a historian and a photographer, the tables will offer different readings of the place for a global and innovative understanding.  

THE 20 POINTS OF INTEREST Vignonet: The banks of the Dordogne, the old medieval port Saint-Etienne-de-Lisse – The cross of Tourans, former oppidum of Niort Saint-Hippolyte – The Church of Saint-Hippolyte and its surroundings Saint-Laurent-des-Combes – Place de l’Église with a view of the valley Saint-Pey d’Armens – The Town Hall garden, hosannary cross and royal road Saint-Christophe-des-Bardes – Château Barde-Haut, view of the valley Saint-Emilion – The Chemin de la Pège Saint-Emilion – View from Ausone of the vineyard in town Saint-Emilion – Gardens and quarries on Rue des Douves Saint-Emilion – Rue du Couvent, view on the Tour du Roy and the bell tower Saint-Emilion – The city’s northwest enclosure Saint-Emilion – The moat of the Palais Cardinal Saint-Emilion – Place du clocher, a balcony overlooking the city Saint-Emilion – Place du Marché, view of the monolithic church Saint-Emilion – The King’s Tower and the Ursuline Convent Saint-Emilion – The Brunet Gate and the panorama of the valley Saint-Emilion – Place Bouqueyre

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20 years, 20 000 trees

Bearers of stories and memories, trees have accompanied Men for thousands of years.

To safeguard these reservoirs of biodiversity, many environmental initiatives have been undertaken on the territory by these Men. This is why, with “20 years, 20,000 trees”, we wish to undertake a major awareness campaign to invite, help and encourage the population of the Jurisdiction to continue this planting process. A symbolic gesture for the planet and for the visual and cultural environment. IN PARTNERSHIP WITH

THE KEY ELEMENTS OF THE PROJECT TREES – The programme for planting trees and biodiversity reservoirs is based on species from the region, particularly from the Mediterranean belt, in order to preserve local biodiversity.

ACCOMPANY – Each winegrower, community or inhabitant who wishes to plant biodiversity reservoirs on his property can be supported in his approach.

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